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Welcome to Geo Communications Services. We are your one stop shop to promote yourself, your small business, your hobby business, your non-profit organization, your political group or candidate or just your obsession. jocards

We specialize in serving the small customer with both digital and paper/print needs– the person who needs a 4-5 page web presence with or without Paypal and other web-based payment solutions; who at the same time needs 500 business cards, or several thousand brochures, flyers, a few dozen wearables or signs, or social media help, such as setting up a Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest account. We can help you get online or take your idea and turn it into a professional product at an eminently reasonable cost to you.

With a degree in writing and background in computers and computer graphics, we can be furnished a few facts, and a few specs, and these can be turned into items of which you will be proud. We also assist with ghost-writing, editing, proofing and preparing a manuscript for submission or printing. Geo Communications Services has the expertise to make sure our clients get the best value for their money.

The job is not finished until YOU are satisfied. I work with all clients on a one-on-one basis. Give me a call at 636-667-4162 or drop me an email today at jo.a.schaper AT and let me know how we can work together, within YOUR budget. We won’t tease you with a lot of bells and whistles that do nothing but generate unneeded costs.