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Geo Communications Services is located just a few seconds off the midline of the August 21, 2017 total eclipse path. This is the first time since 1442 that we have been beneath totality.
That was a long time ago.
In keeping with our global theme, we are offering Total Eclipse Gear for Sale. We have Eclipse Viewers and Glasses. We have keepsake buttons, proclaiming “Get Your Eclipse on Route 66!” (We’re just about 500 feet off the Mother Road). We also have a couple of Postcards, one showing where the eclipse midline crosses US 66 in St. Clair, Missouri, and one that is a painting of an eclipse above the Meramec River, which is about a mile to our south.
These are available only for a limited time. We accept checks made out to Geo Communications Services, and mailed to Geo Communications Services, 46 Cedar Drive, Pacific, Missouri, 63069 and credit cards through Paypal at

Unlike some outlets, we have Solar Viewers. These are 3×5 cards with viewing material inserts.They are suitable for adults and people who wear glasses and can be placed in a pocket when not viewing the partial eclipse before and after totality. Eclipse Glasses may be more suitable for children for various reasons. And the rest of the stuff is just for fun.

Looking for more information about eclipses or just this one in one place?
Please visit

SOLAR VIEWERS: $2 per viewer. More than 10 viewers? Please call 636-667-4162 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Large orders will be shipped at actual cost.

GLASSES: $2 each. First pair ships for $1, more for a quarter per pair for postage and handling. Ordering more? Give us a call!

Postcards: “Get Your Eclipse on Route 66.”$1 with 50c shipping.

Postcards: Eclipse Painting $1 with 50c shipping

POSTCARDS: set of 2 plus shipping: $2.
Included FREE with 20+ viewers or glasses.

BUTTONS: Eclipse Painting: $2 plus $1 shipping

BUTTONS: Sun Only: $2 plus $1 shipping

Both Sun and Scene — 2 Buttons together. $4.00. Save on postage of multiples.

Mix and Match? Mass quantities: Call for Quote.

Missouri sales tax is included in your cost.