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We hope your eclipse was a good one. If you enjoyed it in St. Clair, or in Missouri, and were somewhere you could not obtain a memento, don’t fret.

We have some left from our celebration, and I am posting New Eclipse Memorabilia! We’ve added magnets and a patch and art prints to your selections. These are all designed and crafted by Jo Schaper– you will not find them anywhere else but here and St. Clair, Missouri.

Geo Communications Services is located just a few seconds off the midline of the August 21, 2017 total eclipse path. This is the first time since 1442 that we have been beneath totality.
That was a long time ago. The proprietor here spent the entire weekend out at St. Clair on the midline.

We are offering Total Eclipse Memorabilia for Sale at discounts. We have keepsake buttons, proclaiming “Get Your Eclipse on Route 66!” (We’re just about 500 feet off the Mother Road). We also have a couple of Postcards, one showing where the eclipse midline crosses US 66 in St. Clair, Missouri, and one that is a painting of an eclipse above the Meramec River, which is about a mile to our south. Also included are St. Clair specific pins, postcards, and original eclipse artwork.

These are available only for a limited time. We accept checks made out to Geo Communications Services, and mailed to Geo Communications Services, 46 Cedar Drive, Pacific, Missouri, 63069 and credit cards through Paypal at We will take orders over $10 over the phone.

The thumbnails of the items below are clickable to enlarge. All items may be picked up at a time of mutual arrangement between Valley Park and St. Clair along I-44 in metropolitan St. Louis for no fee. Otherwise very close to actual postage will be added to your order. If you order an original piece of artwork: these are framed, and you will need to call 636-667-4162 for delivery fees.

Eclipse Artwork: We have 4 original artwork pieces, both original acrylic paintings and prints. There are 5 prints of each, signed and numbered with a small card explaining the significance of each. The prints ship for $1. For shipping originals, please call: they are framed and frame weights vary.

Eclipse On the Meramec. Painted before the event, this is the artist’s concept of what was to happen. About 10×14.

Eclipse on the Meramec

Frog Eating the Sun. According to Cherokee stories, a giant frog eats the sun during a solar eclipse. 5 numbered and signed prints remain.

Frog Eating The Sun

Squirrel Eating the Sun. The Choctaw people, too, have an explanation story about a giant black squirrel eating the sun, which is about the size of a walnut, compared to the squirrel. The story comes with it. This acrylic painting is vertical and about 11×14 in size.

Squirrel Eating The Sun

MoonFlower. A riff on the idea of the sunflower with the center of the flower replaced by the moon.


Eclipse Astronomy Patch: $4.50 each patch. Embroidery shows the sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Regulus and other stars as they will appear in the total eclipsed sky. (Order now: will ship @ August 12.)

MAGNETS: Cherokee Legend Eclipse Magnet
Many indigenous people explained eclipses as if some giant animal were eating the sun. The ancient Cherokee understood the creature to be a giant frog. This 3×3 inch magnet will hop right onto your fridge as a memento of this astronomical event. Magnet is $2.25 plus $1 shipping by itself.

MAGNETS: I Got My Eclipse on Route 66 Magnet:
Proclaim your loyalty to Route 66 to every person who walks into your kitchen. Ideal refrigerator magnet, and unlike a T-shirt, it can go years without washing.

MAGNETS: Meramec Painting Magnet. Our painting “Eclipse on the Meramec” has been a best seller as a button and a postcard. We now present it as a business card sized refrigerator magnet. Come by and see the original at 545 N. Commercial on the outside of the Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Art Gallery. $2 each. ($1 if picked up there in St. Clair that weekend.)

MAGNETS: St. Clair Hot and Cold Water Towers Magnet. The official image of “Get Your Eclipse on Route 66” celebration. Can’t go home without one. $2 each.

Postcards: “Get Your Eclipse on Route 66.”$1 with 50c shipping.

Postcards: Eclipse Painting $1 with 50c shipping

POSTCARDS: set of 2 plus shipping: $2.
Included FREE with 20+ viewers or glasses.

BUTTONS: Eclipse Painting: $2 plus $1 shipping

BUTTONS: Sun Only: $2 plus $1 shipping

Both Sun and Scene — 2 Buttons together. $4.00. Save on postage of multiples.

Mix and Match? Mass quantities: Call for Quote.

Missouri sales tax is included in your cost.