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triangleAll Geo Communication Services pricing is generated with fairness to the client in mind. We can price by the job, or by the time it takes, whichever you prefer. We use the most economical sources we can find for domain name purchase, web hosting, printing, and shipping, consistent with quality. If you have your own sourcing, we will be happy to work with them, to their specifications as well.

Long ago, the graphic above hung in nearly every print shop Jo entered, usually as smudgy multiple generation copied document, and the admonition below which said “Pick Two.” While there is some truth to this artifact, we believe we can take aim in the middle of all three qualities, and provide the best service in a timely manner for the lowest cost.

We pledge to meet our deadlines and produce a good product for you at an acceptable price. Even so, the best quality and value generally is produced on the longest deadline; as it gives us time to check over our work, and shipping costs are generally lower if you do not “need it immediately.” It is to your advantage to contact us as soon as you know what you want, and when you will need it.

Because there are so many variables in a communications job, we have a few “rules of thumb” on pricing, but we can work with you and your budget.

Our pledge to you:

  • We will quote any job, on a per job basis and we will stand by that figure for our labor. Occasionally a supplier may alter their prices; if this occurs, we will contact you posthaste.
  • If you prefer to work on a per hour basis, our rates vary between $12 and $30 per hour depending on task, and we keep time by the quarter hour.
  • A “typical” 3 to 5 page website, with no complications nor ecommerce, is charged for at $75/page or by the job. This is a very competitive rate. We know small businesses and individuals cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars and we keep our rates low. Internet fees, such as for a URL or Web Hosting are between you and the host companies, though I will help you with the setup as needed. This price includes one set of corrections to your specs and two hours’ instruction on how to add posts or pages/change text and do basic web maintenance. I do not abandon you once the site is complete; phone consultation within reason is free and I charge $20/hr for text alterations; $30/hour for code changes.
  • We can install Paypal and payment gateways for selling. You are responsible to get me all needed photos, item specs, passwords and pricing.This includes generating clickable links for sales with proceeds going to a Paypal or account. There are also turnkey ecommerce solutions out there. Talk to me about details.
  • I can set up Facebook Pages and most blogs. $50/Facebook Page; between $50 and $75 to set up a blog. A blog can also be integrated into an otherwise static webpage. Ask me how.
  • On jobs over $200, I ask for partial payment up front, and the rest upon completion to your satisfaction.
  • For 501(c)3s, fraternal organizations, hobbyist associations, government agencies or bonafide charities, a 10% discount may apply. Ask me about it when we talk.
  • Want to do it yourself? I charge $25/hour to act as an instructor and oversee you as you build your own site. $100 minimum charge.

Call 636-667-4162 or email jo.a.schaper AT for an appointment or a ballpark quote prior to an appointment. Ballpark quotes are based on details you give me, and actual price may vary depending on final arrangements.